23 August 2016

Sonoma Tilemakers Handcrafted Glass Tile Series Montage

For as long as products have been manufactured for the home or for commercial use, there has been a significant divide between the manufactured and natural stone products, the former could never compare to the beauty of the natural product. In recent years we have begun to see this change. The Montage series of glass tiles from Sonoma Tilemakers is a great example.

Glass has always brought its own natural beauty to tile. Unlike most manufactured products, Sonoma Tile emulates a sense of organic movement. Specifically the Montage Glass tile collection, it evokes the feeling of a luxury marble product.

The Montage series is available in four popular colors each with a glossy or silky finish. The tiles also come in four sizes, allowing for a wide variety of uses, 2 x 6, 2 x 12, 3 x 9 and 10 x 16. Sold as single tiles, the product can be installed in a number of attractive patterns. Whether your designer specifies a staggered bond, chevron or herringbone, the result will be a stunning, durable surface that will have a timeless aesthetic.Montage-swirl