24 March 2016

Unicom Starker Apogee Collection

For the past several years, in both commercial and highly contemporary residential design, concrete has grown in popularity as a floor covering, not to mention countertops and other surfaces. As it has grown in popularity, those spaces that lack beautiful slab flooring have sought to emulate the desirable hues and tones of concrete surfaces, cold or warm, through the use of concrete look tile


Apogee Plume Murales (wall). Apogee Plume (floor).

Unicom Starker has redefined this category with the release of their latest tile collection, Apogee. Concrete inspired products are typically approached as a field tile, large slabs intended to set a tone, but fade into the background. The Apogee collection tiles developed by Unicom Starker, represent a set of large field tiles that are accompanied by mosaics and murales tiles, long and narrow tiles of varying width and a staggered bond, that add to the visual texture of any space.


Apogee Atmosphere

As if those textures were not enough, however, Unicom Starker has also introduced two sets of decorative tile options, playfully named Mix and Match. Each featuring a set of geometric patterns, Mix has a single pattern per tile allowing for a customized look, while Match is a larger 24” x 24” tile exhibiting each of the nine patterns. Both Mix and Match are available in two tones, blue and coral, a nice range that complements a variety of pallets.


Apogee Match Blue & Coral

This year appears to be a breakout year for concrete inspired products and geometric patterns. The Apogee collection by Unicom Starker is sure to please many architects, designers, and design savvy customers.


Apogee Mix Blue