5 February 2017

Urban Layer Collection of Patterned Porcelain and Stone Tile by Marble Systems

In an increasingly digital world, it’s nice to see there’s still an appreciation of craft. Which likely explains the fact that 2017 has been declared the year of the tile, and especially patterned tiles, thanks to a renewed recognition of artisanal workmanship and a desire to do things differently
The Urban Layer Collection by Marble Systems pays homage to the true masters of building and craft: the artisans who carved and cut their designs on the grand buildings of medieval and Renaissance Europe. The tiles feature elegantly cut geometric designs that flatten the innate patterns created by classic woodworking techniques, such as parquetry, latticework and trellis, and render them in textured porcelain patterns that are almost hypnotic in their geometric precision.
The patterns themselves range from the open and expansive to the geometrically bold and challenging. Designs that fall under the former include the District Multi Finish Marquise Mosaic that creates a pattern out of outlined octagons that soothingly overlap, or the District Multi Finish Fenster Porcelain Mosaic that feature a brick-inspired pattern in grey, perfect for covering an entire wall. Those seeking to introduce something more daring to their interiors might favor the District Multi Finish Link Porcelain Mosaic and District Multi Finish Umi Hex Mosaic, both which use alternating colors to create bewitching patterns that are best decorated with solid silhouettes in front of them, such as a modernist vase, to stop them from being too overwhelming.
The series is cast in a calming, neutral palette of grey, sand and ivory that allows the intricate nature of each pattern to stand out, without being too overwhelming for use in a kitchen, bathroom, or as a feature wall. The tiles would also provide the perfect backdrop for a mirror, a sink set, or cabinets in any setting, and offset touches of copper, gold and rose gold that are currently in fashion. Overall, the Urban Layer Collection is an elegant series that updates classic craftsmanship for the modern interior.