25 January 2019

AKDO Nomad Collection

Lustrous, sumptuous, and rich, the Nomad Collection by AKDO Nomad Collection has subtle textile designs in an incredibly gorgeous color scheme. Inspired by the beauty and softness of vintage silk rugs, AKDO takes this porcelain tile series to a new level of craftsmanship with its fine details. AKDO Nomad Porcelain in Visone

The textured Field tiles are available in 10 amazing colors that range in tone from warm to rich, as well as bold, bright and dark shades. Notice the luminous glow that is reminiscent of silk fibers. The glaze is applied by hand which gives this series its unique woven appearance and glowing surface.

Cacao is a delicious warm neutral shade with textile patterns, and Cappuccino is warm and white with an inviting texture. Fumo, a smoky gray color with creamy patterns and textures like vintage rugs. Malva is a deep purple that suggests luxurious royal textiles. The harmonious flow of Menta is an ambitious color with a texture that creates balance. Oro is positively luminous with a boutique design surface.  Papiro has creamy white hues that will add a dose of personality. Sabbia and its versatile edge will keep you cool with toned beige colors. Turchese is a beautiful dose of teal, that’s trending in design, and has a unique vintage pattern. While Visone and its deep woven texture and rich dark color are unforgettable.

The Nomad series is not only aesthetically refreshing and modern, but it’s also handcrafted in Italy with the highest standards and quality. This series can be installed in field tile colors, or patchwork style, and is suited for floors, walls, pools and wet areas. Create a vintage or eclectic look with the AKDO Nomad Collection that is virtually maintenance free that will last for a lifetime. Visit our gallery to view more porcelain tiles and this collection today.