12 April 2017

Allure Extension Tile Collection by AKDO

For the past few years, interior designers looking for a tile that truly captured the elegant would turn to the Allure Collection by AKDO. Three years later, the time has now come for the award-winning tile and stone company to introduce their Allure Collection Extension, with equally refined and bold options for tiled interiors.

Staying in line with the original line’s used of mixed media, the Extension Collection introduces three new pieces: Radiance, Charisma and the Allure Mosaic Rug pattern. Cast in an elongated hexagonal shape, Radiance features micro mosaics against a natural flecked ceramic backdrop for an organic yet polished feel, and works both horizontally and vertically. It also comes in the soft, neutral colorways of Ash Gray and Cream Taupe for a calming backdrop.

Allure Radiance Cream Taupe Cocoa Taupe Microchips chair

Charisma takes the classic hexagonal tile and renders it in a nesting pattern, bordered by solid lines and delicate micro mosaics in a stately Ash Gray that complements the modernist marble pieces currently trending. And last but not least is the Allure Mosaic Rug Pattern: originally honored in the 2014 Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year Awards, AKDO have updated their color range and it’s now available in Thassos marble, a sugary white tile drawn from the Greek Islands and finished with hand-cut crystalline shell microchips, and Carrera Bella, a pale grey and white stone combination that proves exquisite glamour can also be subtle at the same time.

Allure Rug Thassos Shell Microchips

Working with the finest artisans to create this dreamy, effortlessly elegant collection of tiles, AKDO have taken interior tiling to new heights of refinement. There are no limits to how you can use them—apply Radiance vertically for an unexpected touch that visually expands the room; use Charisma to bring a touch of decadence and charm to your floors, or apply Allure as a way to bring a subtle touch of shine to the room. Using these sophisticated, timeless designs around the home for floor details or backsplashes in new, modern ways can bring an unexpected touch of glamor to the home.

Allure Rug Carrara Belta-and-Thassos with Shell Microchips