6 December 2018

Andalucia Terracotta Tiles

Handcrafted, glazed, terracotta tiles, with delicate filagree-like detail, have arrived in our showroom. The Andalucia Terracotta Tiles takes cues from Moorish and European designs, with a fresh appearance and refined modish style. The Walker Zanger collection is crafted by hand in their studio and includes eight Decos tile, six Field tiles and trim pieces that all work collectively.

The palette is simple but perfectly suited in shades of blue, green and white. The Deco tiles are layered with exquisite detail, and the glazes accentuate the patterns flawlessly. The Field tiles feature some classic yet complimentary shapes; hexagon, arabesque, rectangle, and square. Add some flair that shows your style. Mix the Deco and Feild tiles and create a unique design with varied texture, depth, and shape. Trim and finishing pieces are available for a complete look.Andaluce Terracotta Tiles Collection Deco and Field

The creativity and beauty of the Andalucia Terracotta tiles from Walker Zanger are perfect for walls in residential or commercial spaces. These handcrafted tiles will add dimension and texture to a backsplash and create a statement piece that evokes great conversations for years to come. To see more of this collection visit our gallery.