23 May 2019

Art Deco Inspired Studio Moderne Series

Transform the boundaries of your next project with distinctive designs from the Studio Moderne Collection by Michael Berman at Walker Zanger. A modern tileset produced to inspire homeowners and designers to change the way they think about home interiors. Michael Berman is not only a renowned designer but a master colorist, with the ability to look at various influences and reinterpret them into dramatic architectural elements for tile. Studio Moderne is a collaborative series that pays homage to the life of American modernism, echoing Art Deco and the Hollywood Regency movements from Los Angeles during the last century.

Marquis Pattern Field tile in Jute Gloss by Fulster Construction.

The ceramic series use of unique shapes, precise range of hues, and large format sizes set this collection apart. The tile shapes and color palette are based on existing fabric designs and interior design projects created by Michael Berman. There are eight decorative field tiles and three oversized field tiles. The patterns are unmistakable and produce dramatic effects, especially on walls and backsplashes. The decos patterns and field tiles are incredible and can be incorporated into a sophisticated or casual setting.

The Stone series extends the Studio Moderne collection with new trendsetting varieties and a softer, more natural, range of colors. Taking cues from the Art Deco Era with simplicity and elegance at the forefront of each design. The patterns in this line are crafted with precision and hand-finished to perfection. Calacatta marble, gray limestone, and gorgeous blue marble are a few of the extraordinary elements that create this stunning set of surfaces.

Expand the scope of your space and imagine new designs with Studio Moderne, an extraordinary interior design surface. View our projects online and see more in our gallery.

Imperial Pattern in Ming Blue by Mary Ann Downey Interior Design.