20 November 2017

Artisan Art Glass Tile by Anna Cabo

Artistic expressions have no boundaries with Art Glass Tile. Anna Cabo finds the right balance between craft and environment in their innovative collection. The handcrafted luxury tile is eco-friendly and captures personal design style for both residential and commercial projects. The artisans’ mix of recycled glass, custom colors, and metals produces one-of-kind fused glass tiles that are truly extraordinary.

Not only are these tiles beautiful, and decorative works of art you’ll adore, they are sustainable. The tiles qualify for numerous LEED Credits as the method and process for sustainable and local manufacturing, recycled content, regional materials, and storage collection of recyclables is the focus. Plus, the artisan tiles are all handcrafted at the day-lit and open-air design studio in Southern California.

The Art Glass Tile Collection presents three tile styles: solid glass, solid metal, and glass borders. Custom tile sizes can be hand molded by special request, though, numerous standard tile sizes and color fused glass variations are offered. Art Glass Tile enriches ordinary places with embellishing touches of individual flair, uniquely shaped with exquisite detail, perfect for home design and commercial projects. Create an authentic work of art that will last for generations with Anna Cabo’s designs.