3 August 2018

Blue and White Porcelain Tile

Inspired by an old-world aesthetic, the Maiolica Collection boasts artisanal craftsmanship with careful attention to detail. The artistic designs and colors celebrate pottery from the Italian Renaissance period with a stylish twist on classic techniques. The modern ceramist finds inspiration and beauty from these historical patterns with the blue and white porcelain tile series.

Maiolica Series blue white Tratti Trama Tile

Decos: Tratti, Trama.

The porcelain tile series of classic white and cobalt blue has a range of decorations that are simple, yet very appealing, with contemporary geometrics to artistic florals. The two solid colors and six patterns can be used individually or combined to produce a cool patchwork effect.

As with all handmade tiles expect shade variation. The porcelain tile collection is intended for walls, though it may be suitable for some residential floors. However, due to the glossy glazes, it may be subject to scratching. Nevertheless, the Maiolica tile series is stunning and the modern patterns will brighten up your design space. Create a place that is both classic and uniquely characterized by a lively and rich selection of colors and patterns.

Maiolica blue white patchwork Tiles

Decos: Adagio, Astro, Armonia, Triangolo, Trama, Tratti.