20 September 2018

Byzantium Collection Decorative Stone Tile

The Byzantium Collection is inspired by the elegant designs of richly colored marbles that were the hallmark of Imperial Byzantium and Rome. The colors and shapes in this decorative stone tile take cues from historical sources and are suited for use in contemporary interiors.Byzantium Ephesus Agean Sea, Thasos Storm Grey Honed

Natural stone blended across every design evokes an ancient era, filtered through a contemporary lens. Most importantly, the experienced artisan expertly crafts each design with precision detail and Waterjet technology. The three patterns, Heraclee, Ephesus, and Palatium evoke the colorful beauty of antique stonework with wide variation and movement. Each pattern carefully assembled into intricate designs that result in a beautiful blend of old world luxury with new world elegance.

The colorways are lovely, from blue and pure white to richly veined white and red, with accents of silver or gold leaf. The placement of the silver and gold metallic make the tile collection unique and give the series a one-of-a-kind finishing touch.

The Byzantium Collection offers decorative options for a variety of styles and applications. The three designs, soothing color combinations and finish options are exclusive to Walker Zanger and available in our Sacramento Tile Gallery.