11 February 2019

Dakota Recycled Roofing Tiles

Dress up that space or dress it down with the Dakota Series of recycled roofing tiles. This earthy collection from Sonoma Tilemakers is ultra chic and versatile, with a twist to the timeless subway tile.

Dakota recycled roofing tiles in Abyss Fireplace Design

A revolutionary collection that is superior in style and fits every application imaginable. The clay tile body uses recycled content from roof tiles and the glazed edge pieces are hand sprayed. The distressed edge gives the tile a rustic appearance and so many design possibilities. Curated in eight beautiful hues for a relaxed, upscale, or elegant look with artisanal quality in every piece.

The Field tiles are available in two sizes, 2 x 8 1/2 and 3 x 9 1/4, both sizes and all colors come with glazed edge trim. There are eight colors to choose from and include; tundra, Peninsula, Oasis, Cascades, Altitude, Abyss, Oasis, and Bluff.

There are a variety of design options available. The horizontal stacked brick pattern is classic, or you can lay the tiles with different angles to create a unique look. Add some visual interest with a herringbone pattern, step ladder design, or vertically stack the tiles and create a whole new look that is stylish and modern. Tailor the design ideas to your style and create a unique space.

The Dakota recycled roofing tiles series can be used in both interior and exterior applications for floors, walls, showers, wet rooms, as well as pools or a roof. All colors and sizes are stocked at Sonoma Tilemakers and available at our gallery as a quickstep order.