9 July 2018

Decorative Italian Porcelain Tiles

Imagine a distinct collection of tiles that look like concrete but with all the advantages of porcelain. Design Evo, by Elios Ceramica, brings this concept to life with decorative Italian porcelain tiles that evoke the history of traditional Italian cement tiles.
Like cement, porcelain tiles are extremely durable, and due to the firing process makes it as tough as granite. Porcelain is a type of ceramic that is exceptionally versatile and suited for all types of design spaces. Italian porcelain tile is made from finer, denser clay, fired at a higher temperature and double pressed. The colors are not just on the surface, but embody each tile, creating a long lasting, water and stain-resistant material you can enjoy for a lifetime.
Elios Ceramica Design Evo Decos TilesThe decorative patterns are elegant, sold individually, and work beautifully with the four colored Field tiles to produce a variety of schemes and patterns. The details of the Decos are authentic, with subtle differences, and slight imperfections, each representing the handmade artistry of the past. The artistic Decos and Field tiles can be used anywhere and work great in kitchens, bathrooms, on countertops, walls, floor, and the creative combinations will deliver a fabulous design. Design Evo Deco and Field Tiles
For more inspiration, explore this stunning collection in our gallery.Design Evo Porcelain Tile Black and White Floor