17 June 2019

Fuller Architectural Panel Designs

Produce dramatic effects with Fuller Architectural Panel designs. The coverings are made from PVC and offered on a black or white base material in 13 sizes, 40 patterns, 6 thicknesses, and material paint grade. In addition to the standard designs, semi-custom, and custom treatments can be created. The architectural panels are not only uniquely designed but lightweight and easy to install. The finished look is modern, stylish, and easy to clean.

Minor details can completely change the look of a room. Tastefully add a distinct look to an interior residential or commercial space. Create a focal wall in the bedroom, dining room, game room, or add texture to the ceiling. The possibilities are endless and look great in commercial spaces too. Create an eye-catching design that captures attention in an entryway, office wall, or meeting room.

Think outside interiors to exterior spaces for decorative effects. The deco panels produce a unique touch and improve privacy between you and the neighbors. Design an upscale look on a Pergola, hide the A/C unit, or add style to the garden, pool, and spa. The material will not rot and is easily cleaned using mild soap and water.

The PVC panels are best installed by a Trim and Finish Carpenter. The results are dependent on the overall design goal. Customize the PVC panels to complement existing or new tile and stone treatments, and extend the design throughout your space.

The architectural panels are intended for commercial and residential spaces, and the material is durable, paintable, highly decorative, and will not rot. Think beyond interiors and exteriors with Fuller Architectural Panel designs.