24 October 2017

Handcrafted Cement Tile Designs By Avente Tile

Traditionally handcrafted since the 19th century, cement tile offers a flow of patterns and colorful touches that will make your space flourish. The artisan tile-maker crafts each piece, one tile at a time, producing a unique and remarkable tile design that is a long lasting work of art. There is an array of colors and patterns in the four exclusive Avente Tile collections for those who desire, modern, traditional or classic tile designs.

Arabesque and Rustic Cement Tiles
A warm color palette of red, brown, and natural, grouped into three special blends. The rustic hues are warm and rich, a castoff from traditional clay bisque tiles seen in Spain, the Mediterranean, and Northern Africa. Distinct geometric patterns connect and entwine in the Arabesque designs. Vintage and distressed looks are obtained by surface textures or can be left smooth for a traditional look and feel.

Classic Cement Tiles
These patterned and colored tiles pair flawlessly together. Choose from traditional styles, geometric designs, graphic prints, stylistic floral patterns, and solid colors. With hues and blends that range from classic black and white to bright blue or green and warm yellow tones, these tiles provide a classic yet contemporary look and feel.

Heritage Cement Tiles
The color palette is arranged by groups of Red, Green, Brown, Yellow, Blue and Natural to create the perfect color pattern or colorway. This collection embodies the artisans’ signature designs that are passed down through generations. The decorative shapes and color combinations are rich and have extraordinary characteristics that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Mission Cement Tiles
The collection includes 60 shades and unlimited pattern combinations. The popular pieces and styles feature geometric, traditional, and contemporary designs. Mixture and variation in color and shape are unique and produce a beautiful and naturally rich appearance, a result of the handcrafted process.