3 June 2016

Italian Ceramic Wall Tile With A Textile Look

In a world of emerging trends that allow us to revisit old world styles, tile patterns, it’s pleasant to visit an outlier. Enter Imola with their penchant for vibrant colors, innovative patterns, and inspiration. Known for their experimentations with graffiti, and street art, Imola has delivered a new and accessible ceramic wall tile in their Kiko Collection.

Kikodec kitchen backsplash wall tile

Kikodec B

The Kiko collection takes its cues from a variety of sources. Take the color combinations, to begin with. While the collection is complete with an expected complement of beige, grey, and white tile colors, it quickly jumps to warmer browns, orange, and a much more vibrant teal and aquamarine. It’s clear that the neutral and cold colors are made to fade into the background, making room for the others to shine.

Kiko O orange wall tile

Kiko O

The Kiko collection features eight different textures, each based on a varied fabric. The differences can be a bit nuanced, but when viewed together, the variations create a unique blend. The fabric textures include a mixture of cotton, hemp, silk, and linen.

Kiko OT teal wall tile

Kiko OT

The prize of the Kiko collection are the patterns – floral, chevron, arabesque, dots, lines and a hatch. The collection is intended to be used in contrasting color groups, black and white, brown and teal, brown and orange, grey and aquamarine.

Kikomix WN Mix black and white

Kikomix WN Mix

The Kiko collection brings warmth, vibrancy, and texture to any project. The quality of porcelain manufacturing makes it perfect for wall tile applications. The collection does well to help Imola deliver on its tagline, “Tiles Full of Life”. We suspect any space where you can use this product with also be that, full of life.