2 February 2018

Lunada Bay Tile – Glass and Shinju Ceramic

It’s no secret that Lunada Bay Tile is known for their beautifully crafted glass tile collections. The two most recent glass tiles series include gorgeous color palettes and modern patterns that are visually pleasing. Origami Field wows us with a dimensional glass tile that catches reflections of architecture, fashion, and interior design. Breaking barriers with light and color, the Luce series reveals a glimmer of illumination in softly textured glass finishes. These unmistakable glass mosaic tiles have endless creative possibilities. More importantly, the latest tile series brings new frontiers, expanding Lunada Bay Tile to new heights. The award-winning ceramic tile, Shinju makes its debut with a shimmering palette and exquisite designs you are sure to love.

(Left) Origami Field Elation (Middle) Luce Feather (Right) Shinju Crest

Shinju takes cues from the pearlescent hues, glistening waters, and natural treasures of the sea. Presented in five colors, and six patterns that glimmer with iridescence and brushed textures of the ocean’s rich landscape. The collective patterns and color combinations create a modern design aesthetic that is elegant and echoes nature’s artistry.

Shinju Ceramic Tile

Origami Field is a three-dimensional glass surface tile, dynamically influenced by light and shadow for unlimited artistic possibilities. Available in six tile shapes, and nine colors with a pearl finish, each unique design produces a kaleidoscope effect.

Lunada Bay Origami Series Cottage Blue

Origami Field Moxie

Luce mosaic glass tile comes in four distinctive patterns, 12 soft pastel shades, and two finishes. The contemporary designs glitter with class and sophistication. The delicate glass surface absorbs and reflects light to illuminate any space as uniquely as the colors around them.

Luce Glass Tile Hex in Sugarcake

Luce Hex in Sugarcake

You’ll love the glamorous effects of these tile collections, and fashionable designs that will reflect your individual style. Each series works beautifully on their own or in combination with other collections. View more tile designs and materials at our gallery, or make an appointment.