14 March 2019

Modern Marble Tile Designs

Modern marble tile designs have texture and charm that take cues from ancient ideas without compromising style. Likewise, marble has become a symbol of refined taste. The natural variance of patterns and colors are ideal for projects that need the royal treatment. We have three distinct and new marble tile sets that are breathtaking, timeless and fitting for popular trends.

Cottage Tile Series in Iris Black

The Leathered Stone Tile series captures the texture of reclaimed stone. The leathering technique creates a texture-rich pattern and enhanced slip resistance making it ideal for flooring applications.

Paradise Leathered Marble

Cottage Stone Tile series has subtly chiseled stones that produce a beautiful surface pattern that radiates the simplicity of fine art.

Skyline & Silver Shadow Cottage Stone

Full Grain Stone Tile series is a textured material ideal for exterior surfaces and beyond. The finish is both marble and limestone which adds more options for interior and exterior design.

Bosphorus Full Grain

The projects are unlimited for these modern marble tile designs. View more marble tile and marble slabs in our Gallery and Slab & Tile Outlet.