23 August 2016

Montage Glass Handcrafted Tile

The artisan tilemaker hand-pours very hot glass into a unique mold to produce each elegant glass tile. The Montage Glass series of handmade tiles from Sonoma Tilemakers emulate a sense of organic movement. This stunning collection evokes a feeling of a luxurious marble with its color range and remarkable quality.
Montage Chroma Glossy Metallic Tile Herringbone Pattern
The art of the glass tile craft is cast by hand to create a natural design that is modern and cutting-edge. The surfaces are distinct and polished in silk, glossy, silk metallic, and glossy metallic for some shades. The color range is unique with four choices: Amaluna, Chroma, Cinnabar, and Skyline. A wide range of variation in color, shade, and tone are to be expected within a given palette. There are four tile sizes that allow for a wide variety of uses and can be applied in the shower, pool, kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall, or light duty floors.

Each glass tile is sold individually and the product can be installed in a number of attractive patterns. Whether a staggered bond, chevron, or herringbone, each design will result in a fabulous and timeless aesthetic you’ll love for a lifetime.
Sonoma Tilemakers Montage Glass Tile Skyline Silk