21 October 2016

Natural Stone Glass Tile Blends

When it comes to tile trends, four of the most recent design trends have been, three-dimensional tiles, recycled materials, mixed materials, and new geometric patterns. A recent collection of tiles from Oceanside Glasstile takes the risk of checking all these boxes. The risk pays off!

Oceanside glass and tile has long been a pioneer in recycled tile material. It’s a tried and true part of the company’s ethos, “…transforming glass into expressive design materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.” Oceanside also has a storied history of playing with patterns and textures that result in a pleasing aesthetic. It comes as no surprise when Oceanside recently announced Kinship, a set of four natural stone glass tile patterns.

As well as playing with some new geometric patterns, Oceanside Glasstile is also offering a fresh take on some better-known patterns, such as brick and the linear tile patterns Oceanside has become known for.

The five natural stone glass tile patterns in the collection are; Unison, Origin, Lineage, Converge and Abode.


Island Natural Stone Glass Tile Kinship Collection
The products also come in a variety of blends that are sure to turn some heads. Oceanside has included some expected grays and huetrals along with their normal splashes of bright glass., however, they have also included some unexpected combinations.

Overall, this is a collection that has staying power and will surely continue to evolve and inspire future products for years to come.

Serene natural stone glass tile pattern

Pics: Oceanside Glasstile

Photographer: Chipper Hatter