16 April 2018

Pratt & Larson, Handmade Ceramic Tile

Creating custom colors is an art form, as is crafting each and every piece of tile for the artisan tile maker. Color produces different sensations on the eye and can alter our mood, emotions, and reactions to design spaces. Pratt & Larson offer a distinct handcrafted ceramic tile collection with incomparable depth and beauty. The extensive collection of colors and glazes coupled with dozens of luxurious textures, shapes, and sizes, produce an unparalleled handmade tile with unlimited design options.

Pratt Larson Kitchen Blue Tile Shapes

The artisan ceramic tile reflects an aesthetic that is as unique in design as they are in color. The Field Tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes from Square to Subway, Triangle, Diamond, Hexagon, Arabesque, Lantern, Chevron, plus textured patterns and more. The tile patterns are beautifully made with exciting designs, and the modern mosaics are highly customizable. From classic to contemporary the tiles work in harmony with the trim and finishing pieces presented, or custom pieces can be produced. Combined with 2 painting techniques and over 300 glazes the design choices are almost infinite. Though two painting techniques may sound simple, the standard glazes include seven choices and the hand painted are offered in another six varieties. The glazes have distinct surfaces that range from transparent, brilliant, fluid gloss to solid and opaque mattes. While the hand-painting technique brings two or more colors into any tile relief, with some very unique methods that produce decorative tiles like no other.

After more than 3 decades of creating handcrafted tiles in the heart of Portland, Oregon, the art, and passion not only fuels Pratt & Larson, it is what sets them apart. The incomparable selection of color and artistry in the field tiles, mosaics, relief tiles and trim pieces provide almost endless design possibilities. View the stunning collection of Pratt & Larson, Tile Handmade in America, and create a custom, one-of-a-kind, work of art, you’ll appreciate for a lifetime.

Pratt & Larson Elongated Hex Tiled Kitchen