28 August 2019

Retro Style Kaleidoscope Porcelain Tiles

Walker Zanger’s retro style Kaleidoscope porcelain tiles are a playful line that pays tribute to the nostalgia of postmodern design. A collection of triangle and square porcelain field tiles available in fun matte colors.

Don’t hold back who you are, let your personality shine in your next design story. This iconic Kaleidoscope tile line is bold, spirited and cool with saturated pastel hues that suggest a look back on an amazing design movement from yesteryear. Choose from a mix of four chic shades in sky blue, and navy blue to mint green, and forest green, or take the minimal approach with white and geometric patterns.


The Kaleidoscope collection from Walker Zanger is suitable for residential and light commercial floor applications along with pools, spas, fountains, and steam rooms.

Walker Zanger Kaleidoscope Mint Forest triangle tiles