25 October 2018

Seamless Collection Porcelain Tile Designs

Italian tile maker Unicom Starker continues to innovate and launch porcelain designs that reflect prevailing trends. The most recent collections are simple, yet sophisticated, with deco designs and smooth surface field tiles that work in harmony together. The Seamless series is a blend of industrial, and vintage, transformed into modern chic that will flatter any space.Seamless Decor Backsplash Porcelain Tile

The creative series is offered in two different lines of rectified porcelain tiles. The continuous smooth surfaces of the field tiles are sleek, with cool and warm shades of solid color.

The deco tiles take cues from mid-century modern geometric patterns with warm and cool blends. The creative patterns of the deco tiles can be used in different ways from random to repeat or to create an eclectic mix of designs.

The field tiles pair seamlessly with the deco tiles and vice versa. This series is utterly amazing! The lines pair seamlessly together and with all Unicom Starker lines, from wood to marbles and everything in between. The cool and warm hues are perfect for any space with endless design combinations.

The Seamless Collection of glazed porcelain tile has an anti-slip surface and is suitable for walls and floors in commercial and residential installations. This new series is sure to please architects, designers, and homeowners alike.

Seamless Patchwork Tile Design