9 January 2018

Stardust Decorative Stone Tile Collection By Walker Zanger

A new year brings new frontiers in tile designs, color pallets, and innovative materials, and Walker Zanger dazzles 2018 with their Stardust Collection.

This highly textured lava stone comes with distinct metallic glazes, groovy shapes, and patterns that accentuate the tactile depth of the material. A collection inspired by the heavenly bodies of our cosmos and created with a modern aesthetic that pays tribute to glam rock and visual experimentation of the 1970’s. Not only is this decorative stone tile beautiful and inspiring it embodies the core elements of earth and our solar system. Genuinely striking, the tile takes cues from Fat Lava pottery and the revolutionary creations of renowned interior designers Verner Panton and David Hicks. The radical and psychedelic designs of the past are imbued, like frozen flows of lava encased in thick, encrusted glazes, unique to this modern collection.

Explore this unique set of decorative stone tiles and design a space that is exclusive to your universe with Stardust.