19 July 2019

Tommy Bahama by Lunada Baytile

Tommy Bahama by Lunada Baytile is an exclusive set that takes cues from some of the most exotic places around the world. The handcrafted glass tile blends remind us that life is a design journey and our natural surroundings can spark inspiration. Not only is the series exquisite, but the colors draw from untouched islands, mountains and desert locations with style and grace. The palette ranges from ocean blues and greens to sandy cream, warm browns, and cool neutrals, plus a shimmer of pearlescent. The Tommy Bahama collection is available in 10 colorways and six patterns. Take a look and see how serenity and exploration can meet in the middle of your next design.

Aogashima – A remote island in the Philippine Sea, Aogashima is an active volcano island accessible only by boat or helicopter. The striking glass blend takes inspiration from sea blues, cool winds, and dark volcanic rock.

Atacama – A desert oasis awaits you in Chile’s Atacama Desert. The desert’s rocky landscape is recreated in tile, showcasing coffee brown, pearlescent whites and blue-grays.

Cappadocia – For more than a thousand years, people have made their home in the soft rock of Cappadocia, Turkey. The natural-hued blend emulates the dry and rocky plateau of this World Heritage site.

Cocos Keeling – Australia’s last untouched paradise lies in the azure water of the Indian Ocean, kissed by the sun and caressed by fragrant trade winds. Whisper-soft blues and a hint of gray-green make up this lustrous blend.

Kangaroo Island – Welcome to Australia’s Kangaroo island where landscapes invite you to stop and gaze. The soaring cliffs, dense forests, golden dunes and lush wetlands of the island are discernible in this tile blend.

Maldives – Nowhere in the world will you find the whiter-than-white, powder-soft sand that you will discover on the coral islands of Maldives. The tile blend of soft white awakens a sense of spirituality and contemplation.

Pamukkale – Located in Turkey, this natural wonder is comprised of terraces and travertine formed by streams and hot springs. The tile blends reflect colors of gray stone and icy blue water.

Raja Ampat – Imagine a place where nature is at its most vivid; turquoise and cobalt blue waters shimmer under the light of the morning sun. This blend draws out the lush blues and greens of these rain-forest-clad islands, fostering a natural Eden.

Socotra – Situated among three other islands in the Arabian Sea, Socotra is the largest and the most unusual. The Socotra tile blend beguiles with elegant brown-gray hues and greens.

Surin – Rugged and rewarding. Thailand’s Sure Islands are an undiscovered, remote escape. The tile’s color palette is reminiscent of Surin’s pristine beaches, clear bays, and lush jungles.

Tommy Bahama believes that life should be one long weekend. The brand aspires to offer guests a lifestyle filled with adventure, spontaneity, beauty, and relaxation – all in a classic yet sophisticated style. View this collection in our gallery.