28 November 2018

Zoetic Dimensional Glass Tile

A new dimensional glass tile mosaic collection has arrived in our showroom. Color, dimension, and finish are equally as imported to joy, beauty, and delight when it comes to design. The latest glass tile series from Oceanside Glass & Tile strikes a balance with design and craft in the Zoetic Collection.Zoetic Dimensional Glass Tile Prelude Silverlight Iridescent
There are two distinct dimensional tiles in this Zoetic Collection; Prelude, and Overture. Depending on the orientation, three layouts are possible for each dimensional mosaic. Choose from a variety of color options, patterns, and blends for a uniquely styled design.

Notice the glittering light, delicately balanced between color, blend, and each mosaic pattern. This name Zoetic refers to a person who touches on the very essence of the human experience. Add a little something to each design and make it shine brightly with reflections of your personality and style.Zoetic Dimensional Prelude Silverlight Iridescent Glass Tile

The Zoetic Series is a blend of elements that do not compromise on design or the art of the craft of glass tile. Visit our gallery to view more.